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FreeToastHost Website Admin Change Request

This form is used to change the registered website administrator for your FreeToastHost 2 website. This function will send three confirmation requests via email, one to the current registered website administrator, one to the current club president (for a club website), and the other to the primary club contact email listed at Toastmaster International. Only one response to the confirmation requests is required.

Note: Please make sure your club contact email listed on Toastmasters Find a Club is accurate before proceeding below. To do this, locate your club's listing on Toastmasters Find a Club and inspect the email address that is shown on your screen when you hover your mouse over the blue "Email the Club" button. If that email address is incorrect, please have a club officer visit Club Central and correct the primary club contact email before proceeding below.
If you don't know your club number, you can look it up on the Toastmaster International website. Be sure to carefully look at the clubs before copying down the first club number, as there are many clubs with the same name.
Your full name.
Your e-mail address. Please double check that you have entered your e-mail address correctly.
This is a check to make sure the email address is entered correctly. Both e-mail addresses should be identical.

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